The Davis Cup


The four Grand Slams played in Melbourne, Paris, Wimbledon and New York and the biggest yearly individual tournaments but the Davis Cup is the leading men’s team event each year and is contested annually by countries from all over the world in a knock out competition.

The current holders are Switzerland who won their first title in 2014 beating France. The Swiss team were led by Roger Federer, who hadn’t always made himself available for Davis Cup tennis. There are sixteen teams in main (World group) and a further one hundred and thirty teams compete annually.

The USA has won the tournament a record thirty two times since the competition started in 1900. Great Britain have won it nine times with the most recent victory coming in 1936, they actually won it four times in the 1930’s.

The youngest player to ever play Davis Cup tennis was just thirteen years old; this was Marco De Rossi who was from San Marino. The oldest ever player was sixty six and he too was from San Marino. Nicola Pietrangeli, from Italy, has played one hundred and sixty four matches which is the current record.

Great Britain hasn’t fared too well over the last twenty years but they beat the USA in March in the World Group first round which was held in Glasgow. It featured some fantastic matches including a five set match between Britain’s James Ward and John Isner. James Ward was two sets down but fought back brilliantly to win fifteen thirteen in the final set.

Great Britain will now have a Quarter Final against France at home the week after Wimbledon. The team is coached by Leon Smith with Andy Murray the highest ranked player in the team.

We hope this blog has given you a little insight into Davis Cup tennis and don’t forget to cheer the team on in July.