Wimbledon Debenture Tickets in 2019

wimbledon debenture tickets 2019
Wimbledon Debentures from just £395 + VAT

We provide Wimbledon Debenture tickets for every single day of the 2019 tournament. The seats are the best available on Centre Court and Court Number One.

Debenture tickets are the only official tickets at Wimbledon that are legally allowed to be bought and sold. They come in pairs but we can get groupings of up to 20 people sat together for each day of the tournament.

Your Centre Court and No. 1 Court debenture tickets give you access to the Debenture Holders’ Lounges, within Centre and Number One courts, where there are an array of stylish restaurants and bars. Light refreshments are available from 10.30am and restaurants are open for lunch from 11.00am and then afternoon tea with payment made by credit card or cash. Using these onsite restaurants within centre and number one court works out a lot cheaper than buying a hospitality package and many hospitality facilities are also located out of the grounds.

See the seating plan for Centre Court and No. 1 Court  and order of play for more information and the location of the Debenture seats.

The No.1 Court debenture facilities overlook courts 14–17.

Centre and Number One courts have a retractable roof, so you are guaranteed a full day’s play whatever the weather, the roof simply gets closed if it starts raining.


The Wimbledon Debenture Dress Code

Admittance to both bars and restaurants is ‘smart casual’. Men are not required to wear a jacket and tie. Please ensure your guests do not wear torn jeans, sports shorts, running vests, or dirty trainers. Tailored shorts are acceptable.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the debenture holders’ areas including outdoor balconies.


Exclusive Bars & Restaurants For Debenture Holders

Restaurants and bars exclusively for Wimbledon debenture ticket holders include The Champions’ Room (Centre Court), The Courtside (Centre Court), The Courtside Balcony (Centre Court), The Roof Top (Centre Court), The Gallery Bar (Centre Court), The Terrace (Centre Court), The Renshaw (both Centre and No 1 Court), The Veranda (No 1 Court), The Lounge (No 1 Court), and The No. 1 Bar (No 1 Court).


Other Debenture Amenities

Both Centre Court and No.1 Court facilities have their own cloakrooms (coats and small items can be left) and toilets and Wi-Fi access. The Wi-Fi access code can be obtained from the debenture reception desks in both courts.

Free lockers for charging mobile devices are located in both the Centre Court business centre and the entrance to The Veranda restaurant (No.1 Court). They will charge your mobile phone for up to 30 minutes.



Car Park 8 has an area reserved for Wimbledon debenture holders who have purchased a car park pass.


2019 Order Of Play For Centre and No. 1 Court Debenture Ticket Holders:

Monday 1st July
First Round Men’s and Ladies’ Singles.

Tuesday 2nd July
First Round Men’s and Ladies’ Singles.

Wednesday 3rd July
Second Round Men’s and Ladies’ Singles.

Thursday 4th July
Second Round Men’s and Ladies’ Singles.

Friday 5th July
Third Round Men’s and Ladies’ Singles.

Saturday 6th July
Third Round Men’s and Ladies’ Singles.

Sunday 7th July
Rest Day

Monday 8th July
Fourth Round Men’s and Ladies’ Singles.

Tuesday 9th July
Quarter Finals Ladies’ Singles.
Fourth Round Men’s Singles.

Wednesday 10th July
Quarter Finals Men’s Singles.
Quarter Final Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles.
Third Round Mixed Doubles.

Thursday 11th July
Semi Finals Ladies’ Singles.
Semi Finals Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles.
Quarter Finals Men’s Singles.

Friday 12th July
Semi Finals Men’s Singles.
Semi Finals Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles.
Quarter Finals Mixed Doubles.

Saturday 13th July
Final Ladies’ Singles.
Final Men’s Doubles.
Final Mixed Doubles.

Sunday 14th July
Final Men’s Singles.
Final Ladies’ Doubles.